Ransomware:Buy, or not to buy?
CryptoLocker attacks rampant. Various media reports screaming: "More than 200,000 victims in more than 150 countries around the world." The unprecedented scale of the Wannacry and Wannacryptor ransom attacks occurred between May 13 and May 15, 2017. Cyber security experts expect the next wave of attacks in the coming weeks.

Some victims paid the ransom, but they were not convinced that the key they received could open the data or for how long. Will they be the target of an attack?

Remember that Wannacry and Wannacryptor ransomware not only encrypts data on your server, it also attacks and encrypts data on your NAS, SAN, or any network-connected device, including backup files on network-connected devices!

The NetJapan team has done an in-depth study on how to best protect your backup data. Our suggestion is:

  1. Install the latest Windows patch.
  2. Protect your computer and server with the latest antivirus software that updates the virus database in real time.
  3. Copies of backup files stored outside the network!

Because there is no anti-virus software can give you 100% protection, so your backup file is your company's security protection! Learn how to best configure your backup plans and replication tasks to save a secure backup on a USB drive, off-line location, or in the cloud.

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