While smaller companies may not have the same sized budgets for backup and disaster recovery as larger companies, that does not mean that their data is any less important!

ActiveImage Protector Small Business Server Edition is specifically tailored to meet the business continuity needs of companies using Windows Essentials, Windows Foundation and Windows SBS servers. 

Use NetJapan to ensure all your data and critical information is protected and can be quickly and easily restored, while also complying with European Data Protection regulations. Our efficient inline deduplication compression significantly reduces the size of your backup image files, resulting in lower storage needs and management costs.

By adding our free ImageBoot™ module to ActiveImage Protector SBS, you have can have a bootable replacement machine ready in only 2 minutes for either disaster recovery or to test your backups. In addition, you can use our free ImageCenter LE™ add-on for onsite and offsite consolidation and replication of your backup images. All three solutions are available for download download.

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... Image-based backups
Backup and protect not only your files but also your programs, applications and the entire operating system!

Server availability in as little as 2 minutes
When disaster hits, use our free ImageBoot solution to boot your entire server as a virtual machine in as little as two minutes and benefit from near-zero downtime, just like large businesses.

incremental Secure your data every 10 minutes
Quickly and automatically generate incremental backups that include only the changes made since the last backup.

cloudup Quickly recover from disaster
Recover individual files and folders in seconds. Restore a complete system after a virus attack, hardware failure or even more extreme disasters, in minutes instead of days!

Safeguard backups both onsite and offsite
For extra protection, replicate your backup files to up to 3 different onsite or offsite locations including to a local network, another office, your home or in the Cloud.

winderz Virtualize your server in 1 click
Migrate your server to a Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware virtual environment with only 1 click of your mouse.