NetJapan's virtual standby availability solution vStandby creates and maintains dormant virtual replicas of physical and virtual machines. The standby virtual replicas are created directly on the ESXi host and are kept current using scheduled asynchronous incremental snapshots. vStandby ensures successful start-up of standby virtual machines when switchover becomes necessary.
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  • Be up and running in 2 minutes even in the event of total hardware failure
  • Lower the cost of downtime in terms of both time and money
  • Simplify migration and virtualisation of Windows machines
  • Regularly test your Business Continuity Plan
... 2 Minute downtime – Near-line availability
Create standby virtual replicas of mission critical servers in a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor for cost effective protection with standby availability.

Backup solution agnostic
vStandby installs and works seamlessly alongside pre-existing software and hardware backup solutions, meaning you can have vStandby availability without sacrificing your existing backup solution.

... Instant recovery to any point-in-time backup, no need to add drivers
Start your standby virtual machine from a selected point-in-time snapshot without needing to install additional drivers.

Revive physical machines in no time
Restore a vStandby virtual machine, including all the changes made while in operation, back to the original physical hardware if needed.

incremental Scheduled incremental physical to virtual snapshots
vStandby protects your servers by creating scheduled incremental snapshots to ensure a pre-defined level of availability.

cloudup Supports free versions
vStandby supports the paid and free licence versions of VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V. See documentation for complete details.

incremental vStandby is now included in newly ActiveImage Protector 2018 version!
Its Virtual Standby Availability function still works alongside any Backup solution or as complement to NetJapan Backup & DR solution.