vmGuardian™ is a high-performance, agentless imaging backup solution for virtual machine running under VMware ESXi. The Inline Data Deduplication Compression feature eliminates duplicate data across all the virtual machines running in a VMware ESXi environment, while the backup is being made, and into a single image file. vmGuardian installs in VMware ESXi as a virtual appliance and offers a web-browser based management interface. Built on ActiveImage Protector’s proprietary imaging technology, vmGuardian provides the same advanced backup features such as Smart Sector Technology and Inline Data Deduplication Compression(IDDC).
... New Features
New features include an enhanced file format providing more efficient incremental backup file consolidation and faster offsite replication, a higher performing 64-bit virtual appliance, and another NetJapan first, Branched Restore. Up to 10 percent increase in performance from the previous version.

Agentless backup of virtual machines
vmGuardian offers agentless backup of virtual machines thanks to VMware’s vStorage API for Data Protection.

... Incremental Backup
vmGuardian’s fast incremental image backups reduce your storage space requirements.

Inline Data Deduplication Compression
vmGuardian’s Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) feature efficiently eliminates duplicate blocks of data in a single virtual disk or across multiple virtual disks.

incremental Installed as a VMware ESX(i) virtual appliance
vmGuardain is installed as a virtual appliance into the ESX(i) environment.

cloudup Backup multiple virtual machines
Backup multiple virtual machines into a single image file with a single pass.

cloudup Easy to use web-based UI
With vmGuardian’s web-based user interface, users can easily choose virtual machines to backup and restore.