vStandby AIP is a revolutionary new Instant Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that was specifically developed to combine the lightning-fast recovery speed of vStandby with ActiveImage Protector’s advanced backup technologies, offering users a better alternative for DisasterReady instant availability.

vStandby AIP works by instantly starting-up a standby virtual machine originated from any ActiveImage Protector backup image file in minutes avoiding prolonged downtime due to lengthy restoration processes.
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With vStandby AIP, you can:

  • Be up and running in 2 minutes onsite
  • Be up and running in 2 minutes offsite too!
  • Offer instant availability from a private Cloud for multiple machines at any location
  • Virtualise to Hyper-V or VMware with practically no downtime
  • Test your Business Continuity Plan with no interruption to business and in only two minutes and check the recoverability of your ActiveImage Protector backup images in seconds
  • Implement affordable Instant Recovery and Business Continuity strategies
  • Apply local backup and instant disaster recovery services
  • Create Managed Service with offsite Instant Disaster Recovery service offering (IDRaaS)
Main Features:
... Immediate system recovery
Gives users immediate switchover recovery and guaranteed business continuity. vStandby AIP bypasses lengthy P2V conversion and restoration by creating an instantly bootable standby virtual replica machine from ActiveImage Protector backup image files, offering you a true Disaster Recovery solution.

Create virtual standby replicas for instant switchover availability
Create an instantly bootable standby virtual machine that is ready for immediate switchover in case of disaster, without disrupting daily operations.

... Ideal for Instant Disaster Recovery, onsite, offsite and in the Cloud
Standby virtual replica machines can be located anywhere, offsite or in a private or hybrid cloud, allowing you to quickly recover from major disasters such a theft, fire, flooding and earthquakes.

Non-disruptive add-on for ActiveImage Protector backup images
ActiveImage Protector clients can add the benefits of instant availability without having to to change the configuration of their existing backup jobs.

incremental Instantly verify your backups and Instant Availability Plans
Boot-test and verify the recoverability of your backup files and your 2 minute recovery plan without interrupting your day-to-day operations including existing backup, recovery and instant availability jobs.

cloudup Ideal for datacenters, service providers and multi-office companies
Centralise Instant Disaster Recovery at a selected offsite location. Simplify the workloads for your IT administrators and Disaster Recovery engineers.

incremental Monitor storage folders where backup image files are saved
Standby virtual machines can be automatically updated once a new incremental image file is detected or according to your pre-defined task schedule.

cloudup Flexible and affordable licence
Flexible licensing plan based on the type and the number of backup image files used to create standby replicas. Licensing is available for single, multiple or unlimited machines.