ActiveImage Protector is an affordable, high performance imaging backup and recovery solution optimized for Windows PC and designed to meet all sorts of users’ requirements. Easily protect your valuable data while reducing storage requirements with integrated Smart Sector technology, Inline Data Deduplication Compression, and strong encryption.
... New!!
ActiveImage Protector 5 adds the ability to use BootCheck (BootCheck ™) and combined mirroring features once the backup is complete. At the same time, ActiveImage Protector's GUI allows you to individually restore the files or folders specified in the backed-up image from the mirror

... BootCheck™(BootCheck)
BootCheck ™, which is shipped as a "backup program" feature, is a feature that uses virtualized software on Windows to instantly test the ability of an image backup to be up and running.

File restore function
The ActiveImage Protector GUI allows you to individually restore the files or folders specified in the backed up image from the mirror. At this time, permission information such as access rights and Stream information can also be restored together.

incremental Remote copy function (remote data saving function)
Mirror backup files can be copied to shared folders and FTP directories on the remote WAN network.

cloudup Equipped with unique duplicate exclusion compression (IDDC)
Realize the backup delete duplicate data block function. This greatly saves the space required for storage.

Intelligent sector-based high-speed backup
Based on smart sector technology that backs up only used sectors, high-speed, minimum-capacity backup is possible.

winderz High-speed incremental backup
Incremental backup is to save the change point after the last backup. It is fast and efficient because it takes only a fraction of the time and capacity to change from the previous one.

As a Ransomware countermeasures the best solution
Even with the security software can not be completely prevented Ransomware, so far there is no complete prevention. Therefore, the most effective countermeasure is backup. If you use ActiveImage Protector to obtain a backup beforehand, you can immediately restore the original status even if you are infected with Ransomware.