ActiveImage Protector Cluster Edition is designed to protect Windows cluster servers and enable you to perform error-free backup and recovery in an environment with clustered volumes. ActiveImage Protector Cluster Edition supports Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS), Microsoft Failover Clustering (MSFC), EMC AutoStart & Stratus everRun MX.

Main features
  • Cluster environment licence
  • Support for Cluster environment backup
    Engineered specifically to backup and recover clustered volumes.
It includes all benefits of ActiveImage Protector Server and is licenced starting from a 2 node cluster. Additional nodes can be added.
Includes all of ActiveImage Protector Server’s backup, deduplication, replication and restore features.
... New Features
The new version of ActiveImage Protector is built with new GUI offering drastically improved user-friendliness in backup / restore operation of image files. The new ActiveImage Protector comes with ImageCenter LE, a Centralized Image Management tool for ActiveImage Protector, that offers scheduled offsite replication of base and incremental backup images files, and ImageBoot that can boot any ActiveImage Protector backup image as a virtual machine in minutes. Also, the new ActiveImage Protector provides Multi-Scheduling feature allowing to flexibly reschedule time-consuming tasks in off-peak hours enabling system administrators to more efficiently manage scheduling of backup tasks.The new version is able to restore multiple source images to multiple target disks in a single operation. Bootable bare metal GPT/uEFI system recovery is also available.
As for the new features, please refer to Release Notes

Cluster Environment License
ActiveImage Protector Cluster Edition supports every features provided by ActiveImage Protector Server Edition, but you need to purchase Cluster Environment License.

... Support for Cluster environment backup
Upon installation, ActiveImage Protector, even in case that clustered volumes (specialized storage devices) are identified, is designed not to cause an error.

Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC)
improves compression by excluding redundant blocks of data; this can result in a significant reduction in the size of backup image files.ActiveImage Protector virtually eliminates the need for an expensive storage system.

incremental Smart Sector Technology
Speeds up backup performance by backing up only used sectors which in turn utilizes less disk space.

cloudup Incremental backups
Backup only the data that has changed since the last backup was performed.

Comes with ImageCenter LE
ImageCenter LE, a centralized image management tool installed on another server, offers scheduled offsite replication and consolidation of base and incremental backup image files. This greatly reduces resource demands on the source machine.

winderz Comes with ImageBoot
ImageBoot boots a virtual machine directly from any ActiveImage Protector backup image file in a couple of minutes, bypassing the lengthy and cumbersome physical to virtual conversion process.