NetJapan provides backup products for a wide range of platforms including Windows and Linux.

Most organizations deploy a data backup and recovery software solution because it is paramount for an organization to recover from a system crash or disaster.

Backing up ever growing data volumes challenge many organizations in completing their backup jobs in a timely manner.

Our response, in addition to the highest performing backup speeds, ActiveImage Protector features Inline Data Deduplication Compression to create the fastest and smallest backup images, saving you time and space.

Common Key Features:

  1. Inline Data Deduplication Compression Backup
    “Deduplication Compression” minimizes backup storage demands. “Inline Deduplication” significantly reduces the backup time that is typically associated with post process "offline deduplication".
  2. Block based imaging
    ActiveImage Protector provides block based imaging for full and incremental backups, produces high speed backup and efficiently handles TBs of used data blocks during backup. In addition, restoring files or folders from the backup image file is a very quick and simple process.
  3. Virtualization tool
    ActiveImage Protector features a Physical to Physical (P2P) restore function and a Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration tool. These tools provide the means to migrating the data from legacy systems into new hardware and to physical or cloud based virtual environments
  4. Stable and Easy to use
    ActiveImage Protector’s straightforward GUI guides users through an easy backup/restore process.
  5. Wide range platform support
    ActiveImage Protector supports Windows and Linux distributions.