2016-06-22:A new build of vStandby AIP

A new build of vStandby AIP(version )is released now. See Release Note>>

2015-12-15:ImageCenter is released

FIX: Connecting to an incorrect Auto update server fails. This issue has been corrected.

2015-12-07:vStandby AIP is released

Configuration of multiple network adapters, ESXi Free License version, One time only scheduling and a few other new features are now supported. Some of the current issues are fixed now.

2015-08-12:ImageCenter is released

FIX: "-571 Error" occurs when attempting an operation that requires the gathering of information from the connected agent. This issue has been corrected. If the path of a stored image file cannot be accessed while performing a task, the task status is reported as completed successfully. The task status should report as failed. This issue has been corrected.

2015-08-12:ActiveImage Protector 4.5.2 Linux Edition is released

ActiveImage Protector Linux Edition is released. The new program supports ImageCenter and includes the improvements for scheduling function etc. and solves the issue of backup on MegaRAID

2015-07-07:ActiveImage Protector 3.5 Service Pack 7 is released

ActiveImage Protector 3.5 SP7 includes the improvement for the image file consolidation function and many bug fixes for VSS, Tracking driver etc.

2015-03-19:ActiveImage Protector 3.5 Service Pack 6 is released

ActiveImage Protector 3.5 SP6 with replication support for Nifty Cloud and Cloudian cloud storage services, performance improvements, and the new ImageExplorer for browsing files and folders within backup images is released now.

2015-02-03:Update of vStandby 5 is ready

A new update of vStandby 5 is now ready.

2015-01-22:vStandby 5 is ready to ship

vStandby, a completely new concept:“Standby Availability”, a solution that offers affordable “availability” for small-scale systems is now ready to ship.

2014-10-29:ActiveImage Protector 4.5 Linux Edition is released

The new features of ActiveImage Protector 4.5 Linux Edition are: Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7, on-site and off-site replication, Smart Sector backup of XFS data volumes, incremental backup with remote consolidation and more...

2014-08-28:ActiveImage Protector 3.5 Service Pack 5 is released

New features in SP5 include: Replication to Amazon S3 cloud data storage services and SFTP.: Enhanced IT Pro Edition.:Real-time physical to virtual disk conversion directly into the free VMWare ESXi datastore. :Remote and off-site consolidation of incremental backups. And more...

2014-06-25:vmGuardian 3.0 is released

vmGuardian 3.0 is released now. For more information click here>>

2014-05-19:Updater of ActiveImage Protector 3.5 SP4 is released

Updater of ActiveImage Protector 3.5 SP4(dated?2014/05/13) is released. The issue that the active virtual machine cannot be restored during the backup of Windows Server 2012 R2 is now resolved.

2014-05-15:NetJapan enters the European market

NetJapan enters the European market with the launch of ActiveImage Protector, it's flagship backup and recovery solution.

2014-04-22:NetJapan's New Website, http://www.netjapan.com launched on April 22, 2014

We are proud to announce the launch of the new web site for the global market. The new site, http://www.netjapan.com will provide name brand recognition in the international market.