ActiveImage Protector Linux Edition is an affordable, high performance imaging backup and recovery solution optimized for Linux Servers and designed for today’s business needs. Easily protect your organization’s data while reducing storage requirements with integrated Smart Sector technology, Inline Data Deduplication Compression, and strong encryption. ActiveImage Protector reduces downtime and ensures critical information can be restored quickly.

NetJapan's proprietary and native Linux snapshot driver (AIPSNAP) allows you to create scheduled hot backups of your live production Linux machines every 5 minutes as well as cold static backups.

ActiveImage Protect Linux Edition helps you to:

  • Avoid data loss
    Make regular hot incremental backups of your Linux system every 5 minutes for a better RPO (Recovery Point Objective) while also minimising data loss in case of a crash or failure. Additionally, with Smart Sector technology you also enjoy faster backup speeds as only changed data sectors are backed up.
  • Easily recover data
    Quickly recover individual files and folders by simply mounting the backup image.
  • Reliably restore systems
    Restore your entire Linux server to and from physical and virtual environments, including all programs, applications and data.
  • Reduce backup storage requirements 
    The Inline Data Deduplication and Compression (IDDC) feature greatly reduces the size of backups, helping you better control your storage needs.
  • Migrate & virtualise Linux systems
    Use the Bare Metal Restore feature in our proprietary Linux Recovery Environment to quickly and easily migrate and virtualise your Linux systems.
  • Replicate data both onsite and offsite 
    Save your company from common and uncommon disasters by automatically replicating your full and incremental backups to an unlimited number of onsite or offsite locations. 
... New!!
Smart Sector backup of XFS file systems
Smart Sector backup is now available for XFS file systems (and other common Linux file systems). This means only changed sectors are included in the backup file, greatly improving your backup speed and performance.

... Powerful graphical user interface
Windows and Linux (X Windows) cross-platform graphical UI for easy access and settings management. CUI/CLI are supported.

... Reduce data loss with an RPO of only 5 minutes
Create hot incremental image backups of an entire Linux system (OS, applications and data) every five minutes for minimal data loss and RPO or create cold images of a static Linux system.

... Improve backup storage utilisation with IDDC
Ensure minimal image file sizes and optimum system performance thanks to the integrated Inline Data Deduplication and Compression feature.

... Live backup of MySQL
Ensure data consistency and security without having to shutdown MySQL.

netfolder Unlimited offsite and onsite replication
Send backup image files to local folders or network shared folders (CIFS) and offsite to WebDAV (HTTP/HTTPS), FTP, SFTP, and Amazon S3 (requires AWSCLI).