Monitor and manage ActiveImage Protector agents, tasks, schedules and resources!
ActiveVisor is provided at no additional charge to ActiveImage Protector users who have valid annual maintenance contracts.
Main Features:
NEW ActiveVisor: Enterprise Management solution for ActiveImage Protector


License Manager

Centralized management of ActiveImage Protected clients, displays product key information, list licensed client machines and re-assign licenses as needed.

Visual Alert

In the event of a system failure, ActiveVisor provides table views illustrating where the failure occurred, so the affected system can be recovered quickly.


Monitor Agent Status and View Logs

ActiveVisor monitors task status, task execution, and agent status. ActiveVisor can display task execution logs for managed clients, and provides pre-emptive information such as insufficient space for efficient storage management.


Managed Client Grouping

Clients can be grouped for management purposes. Groups can be rearranged, if necessary, based on changes to a systems configuration.


Graphical Dashboard

Graphical representation of computers on the network, OS types, ActiveImage protected client machines, and visually draws attention to the status of task execution.

Included free with ActiveImage Protector

This free add-on is free and is included in the installer of both the ActiveImage Protector trial and full software package. It can also be downloaded on its own for update purposes and works only with the NetJapan ActiveImage Protector software.


Detailed and Flexible Scheduling

Schedules may be configured based on individual client requirements, or apply a predefined scheduled template to deploy a pattern-based backup schedule to batches of clients.


Push Install

The Push Installer finds unprotected machines in the domain or workgroup and remotely pushes ActiveImage Protector to the client machine.